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Mighty HaulerTM750P

Price: $1300.00

Using Mighty Haulers Sway Lock stabilization and lifting technology, we have design a carrier for small golf carts such as “Cricket” and personal mobility scooters. The Mighty Hauler 750P lowers to the ground allowing you to simply drive right on the platform. Using Mighty Haulers Sway Lock means the platform will remain ridged without having to run straps back to the vehicle.  As with most Mighty Hauler models flat towing a car behind this carrier is no problem.
The Mighty Hauler carrier’s platform if formed from one piece of steel with plenty of reinforcements underneath.
The platform measures 35” wide by 60” long. The platform has 13 integrated tie down points. It has 3” sides preventing someone from driving off the platform.

The Mighty Hauler 750P also can double as a storage platform. If you need to take a BBQ, large cooler, or anything else large and heavy this is the carrier for you.  The carrier has a small ramp for easy loading for anything with wheels and with a capacity of 750lbs you can stack up as much stuff as you need.
Available options on the 750P are fold-up, storage dolly, and three-point hitch. The Mighty Hauler 750P can come in manual hydraulics and fully electric hydraulics. When using the Mighty Hauler 750P a class 5 hitch is required. If you plan of flat towing a car behind the carrier then the addition of the three point hitch is required.

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