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Storage Dolly

Price: $120.00

Mighty Hauler’s storage dolly makes storing your Mighty Hauler even easier. Simply lower your empty Mighty Hauler 1000M or 1000H onto the storage dolly and roll it to your storage area. This storage dolly also makes installing your Mighty Hauler to your vehicle a snap. Just roll the Mighty Hauler to your hitch and insert it in. The storage dolly cradles the Mighty Hauler platform allowing for a snug fit to stop the carrier from falling.  Making our casters removable allows us to lower our platforms to the ground making loading easier. Also casters can easily be damaged if left on during travel. This storage dolly is not meant for use with a motorcycle loaded on the carrier

storage storage2 storage3 storage4
Wheel Chock
Price: $145.00

Add a self locking wheel chock to your Mighty Hauler. It holds the motorcycle in the vertical position for easy strap down. This wheel chock mounts directly into our existing platform so it can be added when purchased or years down the road. The wheel chock is fully adjustable to accommodate different size tires.  

wc1 wc2 wc3 wc4
Mighty HD Wheel Chock
Price: $199.00
Mighty Hauler introduces the Mighty HD Wheel Chock. Modeled after our wheel chock accessory on our custom carriers, the Mighty HD Wheel Chock is able to be used anywhere. The Mighty HD Wheel Chock is designed to hold your bike safely upright without using your kick stand. It uses all the high strength steel and sleek design you come to expect from Mighty Hauler. It is fully adjustable to fit most wheel sizes. It is easy to load and unload. It can be used in the garage or bolted down in a trailer. Four integrated bolt holes allow you to add the Mighty HD Wheel Chock to your trailer making strapping down a breeze.  The Mighty HD Wheel chock’s pivoting front wheel lock allows your bike to be supported from two points and not just one like most wheel chocks. The angled front wheel lock eliminates the chance of your bike twisting or turning.


wc wc wc
Adjustable Three Point Hitch

Purchase with the unit Add $200.00.
Purchased in addition Add $250.00

Mighty Hauler offers an adjustable three point hitch. The adjustable hitch allows the Mighty Hauler to fit into any pre existing three point hitch. For campers that do not have a three point hitch, this accessory comes with two additional 2” receives that can be installed on your camper. The center tongue is our solid 2” bar and the two outside tongues are 2” tubes with ¼” wall. The three point hitch is adjustable up two 24" on either side of the center tongue to reach most RV frame rails.

adjust_threepoint adjust_threepoint adjust_threepoint adjust_threepoint
Custom Extended Three Point Hitch
Purchase with the unit Add $200.00.
Purchased in addition Add $300.00

This option takes our adjustable three point hitch and extends it to fit your camper. If your campers hitch is reassessed 8” or more behind your bumper than this is a necessary option. This option allows the Mighty Hauler to stick out passed your bumper. All the tubes will be extended using the same material. Each unit is custom made to meet your camper’s needs.

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Custom Extended Hitch

Purchased with the unit Add $50.00.
Purchased in addition Add $125.00

The extended hitch option is necessary when the receiver on your camper is reassessed behind the bumper 8” or more. This needs to be measured from the end point on the back of the camper. If you do not get this option the Mighty Hauler will not fit on the back of your camper or it may hit the back of your camper in transit. Each unit is custom made to meet your camper’s needs.

at1 at1 at1 at1
Flip Up
Price: $235.00

The Flip Up option allows the Mighty Hauler to fold up for easy storage on the back of your truck or camper. The flip up model locks in both the up and down position keeping your motorcycle safe. Once folded up the carrier can remain on the back of your truck or camper out of the way. The pivot point is made using a ¼” wall tube and a ¾” rod. Each point on the tube is fully gusseted to the mast.

flip1 flip2        flip3 flip4
Floor Board & Bumper
Price: $130.00

Mighty Hauler offers a custom built floor board bumper for your Mighty Hauler 1000M or 1000H. The floor board is perfect for any one who has trouble reaching the ground. This floor board and bumper fit right into the 2” receiver on the carrier. The floor board also has a non-skid tape across the top. This floor board also doubles as a stand for your kickstand when your bike is on the carrier but not strapped down. The bumper is aluminum so it will not rust with a rubber bumper pad.

fb1 fb2         fb3 fb4
Ericson Retractable Ratchet Straps
Price: $50.00

These straps are a great addition to any Mighty Hauler. Since these straps retract there is no messy excess blowing in the wind. They fold up clean and will not get tangled up in your storage compartment.  The straps come with two hook end. You can also remove the hook and bolt the ratchet to the Mighty Hauler or trailer. With a maximum capacity of 4,000 lbs you can be sure that your motorcycle is safe.


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